Selected Papers

Creative Podcasting to Combat Ethno-Racial Health Disparities

Primary Care Behavioral Health Competencies with BHC Trainees

Clinical supervision within the PCBH model

Moral Drifting and COVID-19 Precautions

Shared Decision Making in Primary Care (page 7)

Working with Patients with Kidney Disease

Treating PTSD with the PE-PC Protocol in Primary Care

Workforce Development in PCBH: Spotlight on PITCH

Professional Perspectives of the “Self” in Their Journey through Medicine

Social Capital and Mentorship

Addressing Trauma and Stress in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges and the Promise of Integrated Primary Care

Diagnosing and Caring for Patients with POTS in Primary Care

Managing Chronic Kidney Disease within Primary Care Behavioral Health

Wellness and Burnout in Family Medicine

Stress Management for Hypertension in Primary Care

Self-Management in Chronic Pain in Primary Care

Patient Satisfaction within the PCBH Model

Flexibility within the PCBH Model

Diabetes Management within the PCBH Model

Ethical Challenges within the PCBH Model

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