I am a Primary Care Behavioral Health Consultant, Licensed Psychologist, Board Certified Clinical Health Psychologist, Board-Certified Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management, Medical Educator, Scientist, and a Change Enthusiast working in primary care (family medicine). My research/professional interests include Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH), workforce development in primary care, behavioral medicine/health psychology, and professional development for primary care faculty and clinical supervisors.

Recent News:

*NEW* Applications open for the 2024 Behavioral Health Consultant Course!

*NEW* Clinical Supervision in PCBH Course available now! (June 2023)

*NEW* Dr. Ogbeide now serving on AHRQ’s National Integration Academy Council! (April 2023)

Dr. Ogbeide select for the 40 under 40 Award through the San Antonio Business Journal! (Feb. 2023)

Dr. Ogbeide featured on Managing IBD for Diverse Populations Panel! (Nov. 2022)

Recent Publications:

*NEW* OMP Model for Health Equity

*NEW* Letter to the Editor: Programs CAN Improve Diversity and the Primary Care Workforce in Areas of Income Inequality

*NEW* PCBH Clinical Supervision Competencies

Letter to the Editor: Improving Virtual Interviews

Creative Podcasting to Combat Ethno-Racial Disparities

Primary Care Behavioral Health Competencies in BHC Trainees

Comfort with Uncertainty with Medical Students

Clinical supervision within the PCBH model



Integrated Care Initiative – Mental Health America of Greater Houston

PCBH Special Edition in the Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings

Integrated Care News!

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