A Mindful Heart – Skills-Based Stress Management for Primary Care

Please feel free to use this manual in your primary care setting. This project will be continuously updated. I do ask if you decide to adopt this group at your clinic, please share your outcome data so we can continue to improve this group. Thank you!

Click Below for the Manual:


Appendix Handouts

healthyheart_-_Appendix A

Download File: healthyheart_-_a

heart_attack_-Appendix A

Download File: heart_attack_-_a

hypertension_-Appendix A

Download File: hypertension_-_a

six_myths_about_stress_healthy_heart_-Appendix A

Download File: six_myths_about_stress_healthy_heart_-_a

stress_response_handout_-Appendix A

Download File: stress_response_handout_-_a

module_2_handouts_-Appendix B Handouts

Download File: module_2_handouts_-_b

hook_self-monitoring_form_-Appendix C Handout

Download File: hook_self-monitoring_form_-_c

type_a_inner_dialogue_handout_-Appendix D Handout

Download File: type_a_inner_dialogue_handout_-_d

behavior_patterns_and_heart_health_-Appendix D Handout

Download File: behavior_patterns_and_heart_health_-_d

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