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Primary Care Behavioral Health Strategies, LLC (PCBH Strategies, LLC)

Are you or your organization interested in Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) consultation model implementation or technical assistance? Need additional training for your primary care and behavioral health staff on the PCBH model and behavioral interventions for primary care/medical settings? Please complete the form below for more information.

PCBH Implementation and Technical Assistance
Public Speaking/Workshops
Remote Mentoring of Behavioral Health Providers, Primary Care Providers or Administrators
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Paula Dominguez, LMFT

“Dr. Ogbeide will bring a wealth of knowledge and resources into your practice.  She will guide you into a new and different way of practicing without asking you to give up your personal clinical style. She is very practical, and her coaching is highly individualized. She will listen to your questions and work with you to meet your specific practical needs (and she does all this with a big smile that always makes you feel welcome!)”

Paula Dominguez, LMFT

Miguel A. Reyes, MA, LPC, LCDC

“As the Director for the Behavioral Health Department at Nuestra Clinical del Valle (NCDV), I can corroborate on the effectiveness Dr. Ogbeide’s IBH program implementation. Upon on obtaining ongoing IBH training directly from Dr. Ogbeide, we have received nothing but excellent feedback directly from our patients across our 11 clinics, as well from our administration staff and medical providers. Not only have we managed to establish a smooth workflow and effective communication, our medical progress reports continue to indicate a significant steady improvement in the health of our patients in several areas. We are very pleased with the outcome.”

Miguel A. Reyes, MA, LPC, LCDC

Travis Cos, PhD, Health Federation of Philadelphia

“Dr. Ogbeide is a leader in integrated care. She has substantial depth on the nuances of the gears and levers that make primary care behavioral health work, and substantial alacrity on the drivers for a more effective, inclusive, and caring environment for care and how that can be realized. She is a great trainer, a thought leader, and a rising star in the crucial research of this sector.”

Travis Cos, PhD

Jane Hevezi, Senior Program Officer, Methodist Healthcare Ministries

“Through the strategies set forth by my organization, we have utilized Dr. Ogbeide’s expertise in the area of integration in primary care settings. She is well versed in the field, and I consider her an expert and my ‘go to’ practitioner when implementing integration projects. I continue to refer her to other community organizations and look forward to additional opportunities to partner.”

Jane Hevezi

Rodolfo Orna, LMFT

“Dr. Ogbeide is a dedicated and committed professional with whom I was lucky to count on, in the implementation of the BHC program and training of the medical and behavioral staff at the community health clinic El Centro de Corazon. She also was pivotal in the training of the BHC staff at Hope Clinic.”

Rodolfo Orna, LMFT
Former Director of Behavioral Health Services at the above mentioned organizations

Deepu George, PhD, LMFT

“Dr. Ogbeide is a pre-eminent leader and influencer in PCBH, especially in providing expert consultations for clinical training and operational aspects of the model. Her recommendations for our clinical staff and our operations still impacts us today. She has keen eye for identifying gaps and providing learner-specific training to new providers. Her feedback on processes and clinical skills is worth their weight in gold. Great consultant and a great experience with Dr. Ogbeide.”

Deepu George, PhD, LMFT

For more information about the PCBH model, visit this website: https://www.cfha.net/page/PCBHFAQs

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